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It is my birthday month. I love October. One of my birthdays as a child was fall themed. I'm turning 40. 40! So many changes in the last decade. More coming in the next. My theme for this year's is fancy tiara dinner. :-D

hypatia42@gmail.com is where you can paypal me if you wanna contribute to a new camera for my birthday. Many thanks to those who already have.
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Its mid-September and I feel like I missed most of summer. Part of that is the Honey broke and dislocated his wrist playing baseball necessitating 2 surgeries. When he does something he shoots for the best. I'm just glad the best was on call at that hospital that night. Not in the plan.

I feel like I was so busy that I can't remember most of it. This is unsatisfactory.

Started a nutritional shake program today. Hoping that having liquid food will help the rest of my systems to calm down.

My allergy testing was, thus far, not helpful. Blood tests from the allergist has me lower than she wants me to be for Vit D.

Saw a rheumatologist and he was sympathetic, unlike the last one years ago, but mostly didn't have any news that would help me. Blood tests from the Rheum haven't come back yet. Mebbe next week. He agreed that I have some sort of connective tissue thing going on and that I do have some hypermobility but its "not extreme" which pretty much means its not treatable. In the mean time I still can't carry anything without pulling my shoulders and back outta whack and I have no path forward to answers.

I guess I am feeling defeated and that is a really hard place to start winter at. I think I am hoping that the shakes will help underlying things become less problematic.
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Shameless begging: In just a few weeks I am turning 40 and here's this thing, I am accepting donations for a new camera. I don't want a bunch of stuffs and I do need a new camera. My current DSLR is almost 10 years old now and it cannot keep up with current technology. Its come to the point that my cell phone takes better photos than it does. I am liking what I am seeing from the the Fujifilm X xeries.

Its a hefty pricetag and I am saving what I can. A lot of people have benefitted from or used my photography in the past. A lot of people have asked how they can help over the years. I'd love a leg up towards this new wonder in my life.

After talking with several people I trust I have decided not to try to use one of the crowd-funding sites. I'll have a jar for cash donations at the dinner. I also have a PayPal account and can accept monies that way by hypatia42@gmail.com.
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One of mom's coworkers set up a GoFundMe for her because she can't afford to get herself to work because of all of the work she has missed due to surgeries and therapy. They can't fire her but she has no more benefits.

Apparently in KS as a state employee they don't get short term or long term disability. They get access to a shared hours pool but their access to it goes away after a while. Mom's boss didn't tell her she was out of shared hours for weeks. As a result she was shorted over $6000 last year and it will be more this year.

In any another first world country this would not be the case. My mom called to ask if it was within propriety to share the link herself. I cannot even imagine the situation she is in.

Beyond time for single payer healthcare in the United States of America.
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A friend posted a giant rant on Facebook because a friend of hers had broken trust with her and finally she was done. Not the point. The point is that one of the lines in the rant was that if your family makes you want to drink a bottle of vodka then your family isn't good for you and you should do something about that. Pretty sure I need to look at that Real Hard.
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Went to see Cupping Guy on Sunday because my shoulder is getting to the point that I can't keep functioning with it this way. I got a good hour long massage on my upper back and shoulder girdle then he covered my back in cups and left them there for about 10 minutes. Lots changed. Like whoa.

Monday saw a headache settle in from my shoulder in the evening but is was knocked down to manageable by an alcoholic drink(that had its own problems but I will write about that later). During the day I was super functional. I worked at the mall. I had a client. Then I went grocery shopping. It is possible that I did too much and tried to carry things that were too heavy for the state my shoulder is currently in and that caused the headache.

Tuesday was chiro adjustment, lunch with
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Going to see WW tonight. Woke with a headache. It just keeps getting worse. I probably should have gone to the chiropractor today. The amount of chemicals in my blood stream right now is kinda disturbing. I haven't added narcotics yet. I have noticed that they generally don't help much with nerve pain. We shall see how this goes.
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109.23 miles walked plus 55yds swimming as of yesterday, April 23rd.

Getting sick really put me behind on this goal. Also, I suck at remembering to charge my Fitbit.
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Same song, different verse.

The Honey's aunt had breast cancer years ago. Today we all found out that it is back. This woman is the reason I have the life I currently live. I never would have met the Honey without her.

I guess I'm not as shaken by this as I was about my mom. There's the part of my head that knows that time is a construct and I should be able to let this go but damnmit I want to be able to get through one crisis and be done with it for a bit before the next one hits. Life doesn't happen that way. Still wanna whine.

The Honey and I are scheduled to go on vacation in May. It will be good. It will be enough.*deep breath* We can face anything together.
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It calls me. *sigh* My mermaid side is getting the better of me this year.
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The Honey's cousin died. FiL flew to FL with his sister because they knew cousin was being taken off of life support. *sigh* I have precious few details. No sympathies necessary. I detested the woman. My ability to respect her and her choices was almost non-existent. It is bringing up strange echos of my mother's sister who also died young and who's life choices were not respectable. Not quite sure how I'm supposed to be feeling right now.


Apr. 6th, 2017 03:46 pm
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A lot of people I know are pretty upset about the privacy changes in LJ. I gotta say I'm not really familiar with what the changes mean. I have mostly been using DW and having it cross post for a while now. Other than where the servers are hosted, can someone tell me what the changes mean to me?
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State of the Amy: still very ill. J and A came over tonight. J, an M.D., listened to my lungs. They then ran me through treatment hell, otherwise known as properly using your inhalers for when you're sick. Turns out I needed to be using them Way more often. Also breathe deeper even if it does make me cough. It was treatment hell cause I sounded worse after I was done and albuterol makes me jittery. Interestingly, despite sounding worse, it was easier to breathe.

Why didn't the urgent care doc tell me these things? Also, they sell pulseoximiters at Walgreens.

A was super helpful cause she is the nanny for a little girl with asthma who nearly died while sick a while back. She has the knowing of how to use inhalers to prevent dying.
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Gods I wish it was a joke but I came down with the flu on the 1st. *aside* Why do we call it "the flu" but only "influenza"? */aside* I haven't been this sick in a really long time. Possibly the summer I had H1N1 twice with a fever of 105. That has been a while tho. The Urgent Care doc really wanted to send me to the ER, cause asthma and the flu do not play nice, but I didn't quote meet the thresholds that would make him insist so he told me what to watch for and I got to save several thousands of dollars.

The Honey is in Denver this week. Left while I was still in Urgent Care. From the airport he sent a Bite Squad order in for the place I like their egg drop soup. It arrived at my door, my tenant went out to sign for it. He then brought it up and ran so as to avoid Teh Germs. I am taken care of. Right now I am mostly sleeping.

If the recovery time that others I know who have gone through this is indicative of what I have, I will be down for about a week. I am hoping that getting Tamiflu by going in immediately instead of waiting will decrease that some. Better living thru modern chemistry!

I look like death warmed over and I sound like I am trying to breathe thru glasspacks. My weekend could have gone better. How are you?
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Woke up this morning and couldn't turn my head. Something on the left side of my neck and shoulder is stuck. If I have perfect posture, see Pilates, I'm fine. Can't use my left arm but y'know, "fine." I have not done anything in days that would cause muscle tension. Had public new moon ritual last night and had T-student come over to carry things up and down the stairs. I did nothing save carry and hold a vase of flowers. Left side is not my usual "problem side."
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57.04 miles walked plus 550 yards swimming.
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It is worth noting that all activity doesn't increase my pain levels. I went for a 6 mile hike thru mud and snow while I was in OR with no ill effects. I swam 500 meters with no ill effects. I've been doing Pilates weekly for 6 months.

Fell up the steps at my office this afternoon. Bashed my knee and jammed my finger. *sigh* It feels like the universe is telling me to slow down. I don't know that I have it in me to be slower than I am now.
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I was mostly fine for a while. I discovered in Portland that CDBs work fairly well for me for certain types of pain.

Friday I started getting a headache again around dinner. Ended my night early, came home, and laid down with an ice pack after throwing all the drugs at it(benadryl, flexeril, ibuprofen). I woke feeling mostly okay.

Carrying anything heavy is right out. Causes immediate pain. Looking like doing massage is getting harder on my joints as I have noticed a correlation between headaches/pain days and how many massage hours I am doing. That scares me. Not sure how to resolve it.
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26.36 miles walking + 550 yards swimming. #iditawalk2017


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