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Sooo, there is this person, who has a journal [personal profile] featherynscale, who writes interesting things that make me think about other things and wander down the dirt roads in my mind. This person recently wrote about how cool Mental Floss Magazine is.

*insert pic of dirt road here*

I got to thinking what mental floss would be and how it would benefit me. Dental floss is defines as a soft thread of floss silk or similar material used to clean between the teeth. It helps you remove stuck stuff, stuff you don't want to be there, and stuff that randomly grows there without your permission. So if we apply this to mental floss and you get a tool or substance that removes stuck bits in your head that used to be there to do good things and now no longer are and/or the stuff that randomly grows there without your permission or even desire. I'm imagining the mental cobweb remover from Psychonauts.

How cool would that be? Self doubt, irrational fears, attachment. All kept at bay with regular use of this mental floss. Its a self care thing, like dental flossing. You have to choose to do it cause its not super fun and its kinda uncomfortable but the benefits outweigh the inconvenience so you really just have to remember to do it.

So what would this mythical tool be? Meditation? Intention with appearance? I dunno. It might actually be something different for everyone.

*aside* my sister has a webcam. this means I can read stories to Nephew. /*aside*

I think being able to truly take care of oneself is an important piece to this mental floss.

In other news, I have a date. I am going to go wine tasting. One of my favorite types of dates. Exploring new things and places with other people who also want to explore, its great. Despite knowing that this is something I like doing, I cannot really explain the amount of excitement I have surrounding the event. I'm like bouncy giddy. I'm going to get on a bus with a bunch of other people, most of whom I don't know, and ride around to wineries and what not drinking wine at each and chatting with people I don't know all that well and probably the people I don't know at all if I know myself...at all. :D (love you Honey). I'm thinking about my wardrobe for this event. Its really rare that I do that. I will grant you that I am thinking in practical terms, no white for example(can you imagine how drunk some people are going to get and that always makes white a target), something cool cause who knows what the weather will be like, maybe a wrap in case the bus is chilly, should I take my knitting or will that appear to be a distancing tool like headphones? Why am I thinking about all of this? *headdesk*

I have tickets to fly to the ocean. In good company. Far from giddy, this news makes me feel full to overflowing with contentment and joy. Really looking forward to it.

My oldest boys are each visiting for a week and I am looking for things to do with them. Individual things such that they can't try to directly compare later. My boys. They do compete.

B&K are visiting in July for 10 days. I hope the poor thing doesn't melt. Living in Ireland doesn't really give one the constitution to deal with heat. Not that I can say much. I blame it on growing up in the Andes.

I have dinners scheduled with awesome people. My new food thingies might make it a bit difficult but we will manage. Summer is social time here in the frozen northland. I do wish it was more common to get out in the winter as well.

CONvergence continues to be exciting to plan for. I'm liking the look of things this year. Glad to know that I am able to participate and contribute to the Sir Terry Pratchett's Seamstrees Guild parties. Its super fun, gives me a base from which to work my magic, and surrounds me with loving amazing people.

IttyBitty brought me a surprise. She apparently got a temporary tattoo package. She noticed it had a bee in it so she had to cut it out and present it to me herself. Such a doll. My little pixie child. Many thanks sweetheart.


awake again

May. 2nd, 2011 03:49 am
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Even less sleep so far tonight than I was getting last week. Someone on facebook mentioned that I seem to have gotten my serotonin and melatonin mixed up. I don't know enough about the chemical process to speak on this. I do know that I tend to wake up and start being functional when the sun goes down. That has pretty much always been the case. Not sure why. I'm a cat...

Plans shaping up for the weekend. cut because I care )

Maybe I can sleep more now.
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I now have people, plural, trying to tempt me to visit Portland. They are tempting me with Socks...

Leaving for FL tomorrow. Life will carry on here in MN while I get my brain some much needed sunshine. I'll just take it right out of my head and set it on the balcony. Where apparently giraffes will be able to drool on it. Luckily they hare herbivores and I am not a herb. Nor is my brain.

I got upgraded on my flight! I have never been upgraded on my own before. Given my membership lapses in Feb I likely won't get to again. Coolness.

I got short amount of sleep last night. More than one hour. Less than 5. Last night I was pondering on moving somewhere that was warm and sunny. FL came to mind but damn if they don't have hurricanes. My brain then took my on a tour of the contiguous 48 states of the US and decided that all the places I would possibly go and be safe from natural disaster have inordinately high allergen problems(for me). Some of them combine the two. EFF THIS!

After convincing my head that up and moving in the middle of the night is not a good or practical decision/time/thing I got up and read. Cause what else are you going to do when you are trying to sneak up on sleep? Damn creaky floors ruining my plans. All I gotta do is bash it over the head right? Sleep is out for the count and I'm able to steal its supplies.

AmadaJayne pointed out that I didn't have problems sleeping til I moved here. Is it situational, environmental or developmental? I really don't know but she is right. I slept fine til I moved here. In fact the sleeping problems seem to be getting worse over the years.

Mebbe I should go ahead and move to CO. Estes Park or Boulder wouldn't suck. It avoids the horrible pollution in Denver and the complete lack of trees. If its not precipitating its sunny. *headdesk*

I need to be packing. Music motivation here I come. Ooo! New music! How to get it in a format I can listen to it now...


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