Feb. 26th, 2017

Body pain

Feb. 26th, 2017 01:39 am
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No fucking clue what is going on any longer. My body is in a state of constant pain and there doesn't seem to be a cause. I need several days of concentrated skin contact. By happy coincidence I am heading to Portland on Wednesday.
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I have been busy. Travelling every other weekend minimum since before Christmas. Some has been good. Some tiring and hard.

Almost 2 weeks in KC taking care of mom after half of her reconstruction was done. Her partner continues to be challenging. He doesn't get me, my communication style, or how I show respect. Its becoming a larger problem. Sadly he never addresses me with his issues.

The cats are beside themselves with being done over us being gone. Anise didn't eat regularly for about a month. I'm hoping that has calmed down. Maybe. Just in time for me to leave for 6 days. At least the Honey will be here.

Speaking of, Wednesday I leave for Portland. PIC is no longer in a relationship with Bean. This may be the first time visiting him in OR that he doesn't have a partner who has issues with our relationship. O.o. I am really looking forward to the trip tho. All about relaxing and recharging.

I an having situational realizations that I deal with things differently than more people. They are becoming more frequent. *sigh* Not sure what to make of this. PIC thinks part of it is not really fitting in where I live. Naturally he thinks I would feel more free to be my true self out west nearer him. 😄

Business is keeping me busy. Volunteer obligations are not. This is okay with me. I've decided not to run for relection to the board this fall. The Pirate Cruise may or may not be a project I continue pushing to manifest. I feel like between my two paying jobs, the photography stuff that doesn't really pay, and my coven commitments I'm tapped out for spoons. This is okat with me.

My digestiom seems to be better since starting the supplements that Dr.Shelby had me on. I'm noticing a more pronounced histamine reaction tho. Not that it wasn't happening before, I'm just noticing now. A friend wants me to get checked out for MAST Cell Activation Syndrome/Disorder. *shrug* I'm willing to try anything at this point. This cannot be normal.


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