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Heaven is of Honey
and kisses
How do I know?
How could I forget?

Heaven is in the making
a buildingsite
a possibillity
If there's a glimpse of it
In the little dance of tongues

As a reminder!

Heaven is all remembered
is an idea
for idiots
possessed by gods
that just waste space
and in case I wake up without a pen
I do not want to forget

Heaven is of Honey
and kisses
Royal Jelly
for the queenbee
in the center
How do I know?
How could I forget?

by Einstuerzende Neubauten
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I keep finding myself in a situation of examining if someone else I am interacting with is for real and that level of charm is au naturel or if some game is being played. Mostly an academic question but I puzzle on it none the less.

Waxing. Apparently becoming a thing for men. I find I approve. Not a need, just a like. I don't expect anyone to do something that I don't. I don't tell the Honey to shave, he doesn't tell me. It works.

My little brother has become a role model for me. I didn't expect this to happen. He has come to a place in his life where he just rolls with everything that comes his way, takes responsibility for his actions past and present, doesn't own anyone else's, and doesn't take personally the things that other say or feel. I am so impressed with where he has gotten in his maturity. I hope he gets stable good for him employment soon.

There is a Jason Mraz song I need to find. Its all about being grateful to the bullies and mean people in your life for all the lessons they taught you and realizing that you wouldn't be you without those things and oh btw, you are awesome just the way you are.

Life is beautiful.
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I was reminded today of the Rodney Atkins song "If You're Going Through Hell" It was a good song to listen to today.

Last night was the first truly bad night Kitty Cat has had in a while. I'm not sure any of us slept more than 45 minutes in a stretch. 'Cept Torby of course. I think I am going to have to put a serious limit to travel for the foreseeable future. I know she gets stressed when I'm gone and that translates to the physical. Her limp has been a lot worse the past couple of weeks. Ooo, brb.

Just remembered that a couple of weeks ago the Honey turned off her hot spot on the principal that its pretty hot out right now. We like it cool to sleep though. I turned it back on. Maybe it will help her out.

Every time she gets to the point where she's needing more help and hating that she does, I remember hearing, "You treat that cat better than some people treat their children." I know it was meant with awe and as a compliment. I also know that in many cases here in the US of A domesticated pets receive better care and food choices than the humans here. I know that many people will take care of their pets when they will not take care of themselves. I'm not that, those, whatever. I will make sacrifices for her though.

She's taken care of me for a long long time. I've had her almost 14 years. She's a rescue so she's older than that. Four people in my life have lots their beloved companions in the past month. I was convinced I would lose her last year. Every single day has been a gift and I have tried to treat it as such. Giving her back all the lovins and pettins that she will accept, making sure that all her needs are supplied, keeping her company when she's not doing well, and in general just being there for her like she is for me.

I still look in on her and make sure she is still breathing. I know that one day I will check and she won't be anymore. That will be a new beginning. I will be heartbroken. Inconsolable. I think I am about as prepared to deal with that grief as one can be. And deal with it I will. I will process through it and grow because of it and then move on knowing she is always a part of me.

I love my girl.
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Jason Mraz - Details in the Fabric

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Everything, will be fine
Everything, in no time at all
Hearts will hold...
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Come On Over
Candy Man both by Christina Aguilera
Give Me Everything by a bunch of people
Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO
Good Life by One Republic ***
Pure Imagination the original
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Plain White T's "Rhythm of Love"
Keri Hilson, Pretty Girl Rock
Rihanna, S&M
P!nk, Perfect
John Mellencamp, I Need A Lover
Sunshine by Jonathan Edwards

!!!!Casa Blanca Orchestra! This is the group I saw in Jan.


Jun. 3rd, 2006 06:07 pm
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Michael Buble
Ryan Cabrera
Lenny Kravtiz
The Temptations
Beach Boys
The Guess Who
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Ace of Base
Boys II Men
Guns N' Roses

Moment of amusement while cleaning off the table. Those are just the ones that are out right now.

Moment of dissapointment. It does not look like we'll be able to strip the evil teal off of the woodwork inside. We're gonna have to paint over it because of the possibility that the first layers it was painted over with was lead based paint... *sigh* not sure what color to paint it though.


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