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Using "black belt" instead of "grownup" requires that someone know that black belt is mastery of basics instead of MASTER OF ALL THINGS. Still I like how he has put things here. Will likely read more stuff.

I resonate well with "I'm not a beginner relationship."
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Polyamory is hard. Don't let anyone tell you different. It takes work. Work at communication, with yourself and your loved ones. Work at making sure you're in a healthy place. Work at owning your stuff and taking responsibility for it.

It will outline everything you are bad at in relationships. It will also outline the things you're good at.

I don't see myself as being capable of being interested in someone who just wants to sleep around. Going home with someone from a bar is not a responsible decision for your health. *see above for responsibility*

... huh. I guess that is what I see poly as; ultimate responsibility because your actions are linked to the health and wellness of those people you love. Doing it right makes you think more not less.

Upside, potential for better support structures. More of my needs are met, and I am generally happier. My relationship with my husband is generally improved and less stressful. I'm a high maintenance kitty. Spreading that around makes everyone's life easier. Knowing that he is ok with me being in charge of my needs means overall I am less high maintenance. This is also a good thing. He trusts me to communicate what my needs are and I trust him to tell me when/if he thinks he can meet them. Very good thing. We've been working at this for a while. :)

Not interested in not doing the work. Doing it has made my life easier for me to live and far more fulfilling.
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I think thats all of the weekend. Kitty Cat has managed to be right next to me ever since I got home. Doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing or where, she'll find me. Right now she's being warmed by the top vet of the monitor. She has been faced away from me for several hours now. I'm pretty sure she thought it was time to go to bed a long time ago but is unwilling to give up her post. Ooo, BIG Strech! Sleep time.


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