Sep. 16th, 2014 02:08 pm
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So nervous about the meeting with my lawyer today and the deposition tomorrow. I believe that once I get there it will be fine and I will (hehehe I was gonna say acquit myself) do well. I know how I need to present myself and I can do that.

I have just never been in this situation before. *deep breath*

Think of me tomorrow morning at 9 central being clear and together and awesome. So much so that they do not want me on the stand in a court room.
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12:18 at the start of this post. I was exhausted and trying not to fall asleep at the table after dinner. Now I am wide awake. Might be the energy of the storm. It has calmed down now though. Just raining at this point. I hope the things I planted are enjoying it.

The rosemary shrub wants to go outside. I think it will probably be ok at this point. I am a little scared for it though. Have to get the Honey to cart it down the steps.

Two years ago I was trying to figure out how to recover from the worst car accident I have ever been in. The 26th passed without note for which I am grateful. Last year the Honey threatened to keep me in all day or wrap me in bubblewrap. Which he did to make me laugh because he knows that there is no way I would let him do something like that to me. It worked. I laughed. He told me to be careful. I did. All was well. This year I am doing better than I have in a long time. I can work, still less hours than I ought to be able to but I am doing well for myself and I feel like I am doing what I *need* to be doing.

People upon hearing that I was in two car accidents in 10 months will often say things like, "I'm never getting in the car with you," as though MVAs are a disease you can catch. It doesn't seem to matter that I wasn't even driving in the second one or that there was no way I could prevent the first as I wasn't at fault. People are superstitious. Its a little sad and it makes me chuckle on occasion.

Over the weekend I dreamed I was visiting a "renfaire" that I have dreamed about several times before. The people who were there or going with me changed but I remember the scenery. Tomcat's girlfriend for one. Why I would be dreaming about her I do not know. She is super sweet though. They might yet make it. I hope so.

The ice cream I tried to make before...something went wrong in the making of it. I'm not sure if the milk was on the verge of turning when I cooked it or if the cooking it did something strange but it is not right. It doesn't taste poisonous, just weird and tangy. Tangy ice cream is not so much what I was going for. I do wonder if it was the raw milk or if it was something I did. I've never cooked an ice cream, custard, or raw milk before. Lossa variables there.

It shedding season. The girl cannot effectively groom herself any longer though she still tries. This means I have to brush her and dear god she hates that. We need to make it a habit like giving her her pills. I have been avoiding it because she does hate it and it seems to hurt. She's getting mats though and that is worse for her than the brushing would be. She got used to taking pills. If I brush her a little bit regularly she might eventually be sorta ok with it. Right?

Time to find some extra motivation somewhere. I can do this.
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I just learned today that if I get no satisfaction from my insurance company about the second accident I will have to hire a lawyer and probably also a private detective in NJ to find the guy that hit me and sue him. The really big hink in this fabric is that there is *NO* shred of legal proof that the car accident happened other than my say so. For reasons, there was no police report filed. Also, I did not feel the need to sit in an emergency room all night to have them tell me to take ibuprofen and rest as much as possible. There was no claim filed on the car that I was in nor was there a medical file started on behalf of the driver.

In short, if my insurance does not pay I am up shit creek.

My lawyer here is looking into the statute of limitations on filing a police report and medical injury claim in NJ.

I am going to bang my head against a wall now. I'm not sure how to ensure that the right thing happens when I am physically or mentally at a disadvantage. I feel like I'm getting shit on cause I was in so much pain I couldn't enforce the procedure I know to be the right course of action.

*imperative tone* Learn from my mistake. Always always always call the cops. Always call your insurance. Always have documented proof of what has happened. This is what they call CYA. This is why CYA is so effing important. Cause no one else is going to do it for you and sometimes, people will try to prevent you from doing it.

Why my lawyer didn't tell me these choice bits of information back in...March is completely beyond me.
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My lawyer has asked me to fill this out and sit on it for a couple of days. Then come back and share it with friends and family. This is me sharing with friends and family. I'm not done with my portion yet but if you have any insights or things I should add please comment and I will copy them into the document.

cut to save space )
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seen directly at 2:30.
describe accident
describe Sx immediate
describe Sx resulting
when did you get examined
what are your current Sx
personal medical H
-medications/supplements being taken
-have you seen other chiropractors
-what is your treatment plan
-did not ask about any other medical conditions I may have
-did ask about prior accidents
parental medical H
what are my hobbies
how have they changed
what makes Sx better
what makes Sx worse
ROM exercises
Muscle testing
nerve testing
reflex testing
palpation of spine
"Is there anything else you want to tell me about?"
"Did I examine all the areas you feel were effected my the Feb accident?"

no x-rays

left promptly at 3:30
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So soon? Yes, it came as a surprise to me too. Especially given how beat I was last night when I finally went to bed. I did an hour and a half of massage yesterday and them went to the gym in the evening. I feel I have a right to a good night sleep.

In other news, I keep walking into the room to greet Kitty Cat and finding myself checking to see that she is still breathing. I *feel* like she is losing weight and getting worse despite not having any evidence to point to that. I know that one day I will check to see if she is still breathing and she won't be. When that day comes a hole will be left in my life that I do not even know how to cope with. But cope with it I will. I'm looking forward to taking her to KC this trip. She likes traveling, which is good cause I don't like leaving her home along any longer. We stay at the Honey's parents house since they can have animals and its not a problem. They have carpet which is apparently much easier to walk on than hard wood floors. She gets around almost normal there.

I'm getting excited about the prep for CONvergence. I forget how much I enjoy building characters. I think this group is going to find it premature but I keep thinking about clothing choices. I need to know if I am looking at a wardrobe change or not. In my head, clothes make the character. I put it on with the clothes and voila, different me. Kinda like armor.

I was presented with the idea recently that facial hair is something men hide behind. A barrier between them and the world. I think this is depersonalizing hair in a rather ridiculous way. It is simply a part of a person. I know people that hide behind their head hair and no one suggests that they cut it off. I don't know anyone that hides behind their facial hair. I think it much more common that people hide behind their clothes. Kinda like armor. Hehehe. Its true that people often see the clothes and not the person. Still, if you cannot be open and receptive with these potential barriers someone else forcing you to remove them will not make you open and receptive. You have to be willing and able to do so, at which point why bother removing the physical layers when the important ones are in your head? But that's me.

Beltane happening this weekend. Lossa peeples there. I'm glad everyone is going to have an amazing time.

My lawyer has begun the process for settling the liability case from the first car accident. I find myself rather nervous. I know there are outstanding bills by the thousand. I really need everything to be covered. I'm also nervous because its going to be years before I am fully recovered and I really need to make sure that recovery is possible financially. I've had a year of not being able to have the work load I need to have to support myself and its been really bad for us. Add to that all the other financial stressors and you get a slightly crazed Amy.

Maybe that's part of why I'm awake at 4am.

5:30 now. It sounds like my cat is making my husband miserable. I should rescue him.
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Left the Southdale Library branch after picking up a book that the internet said they had on hand. It filled a hole in a series that I have checked out. Hopped back on 62 Eastbound into the interchange with 35W. Cars were piled up there, like they always do. I was slowing to stop at the back of said line of cars in the left lane about 2-300 yards from the southbound 35w exit. I heard breaks screeching, glanced up to my rear view mirror to see a car about to crash into me at fairly high speed. I felt it impact the back of my car, threw my car forward into the car in front of me and then slid sideways into the cement median divider where my car stuck and I put it into park.

I remember being thrown forwards, sideways and backwards against the headrest. Looking around after the car had stopped, my phone and purse on the passenger side floorboard along with all of my library books. There was coffee splattered in some of the oddest places like on the ceiling where the visor should have been. The visor was down and sideways like it would be half out of the window if the window weren't there. Never did find my stereo face. Yeah, I got hit hard enough that the stereo face on my JVC popped off and landed somewhere(hopefully in the car) that was not immediately evident. The seat back of the driver's side was much further reclined that it ever is when I'm driving as well, almost supine.

I never got a good look at my car. I got put into a neck brace and immediately onto a stretcher. Luckily they didn't have to backboard me. Wheeled me into an ambulance and we waited for the little girl fro the car that I hit. Her back and neck hurt and she was going to be taken to Children's. Any spare thoughts for a little girl name Maya who was really scared and in a bad way today would be appreciated. She decided that getting a "necklace" like mine wouldn't be so bad. She was a real trooper.

The Paramedics say they figure my car is totaled. Described as, "There is no trunk or back bumper anymore." My poor dear Sunny has gotten me so far and done so much for me! Heart hurts.

Taken to Abbott Northwestern via ambulance. Urine test, CT test of neck in radiology, bp and pulse-ox, they gave me atavan(muscle relaxer) and then 800mg of Ibuprofen when I told them I can't have opiate derivatives. The Dr was lovely and very empathetic. She brought me a sprite when my blood sugar was getting low and even managed to find a straw since I was still in the neck brace at that point.

CT came back negative for fractures which meant I could be released from the neck brace and the hospital.

Home now. I'm woozy from the atavan, tired from the muscle abuse, and generally wore out.

Lots of love from all the people around me. Lots of love from me to all the people who were reaching out and helping in any way they could. St.Ang came and sat with me when we couldn't get a hold of the Honey. I thought I was going to cry when I saw them walk in. B went and found the Honey at the baseball park he was playing at so he would know what was going on. Thank you so much. W, the day of her birthday party managed to arrange for someone to be at the hospital with me and someone to find M and still check in on me and see how I was doing. Love to you all.


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