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I feel like everything in life has been hit with Calvin's transmogrify ray set to high. So many things changing. I think ultimately it will all be to the good but assimilation of the new patterns will likely take some time.

I lost my girl. Life has been filled with depression, crazy busy, and a profound sense of loss ever since. Figuring out how to deal with the loss of a familiar is ...words fail me. She did so much around here. I'm having to figure out what it all was and try to make up for the lack. I can't say that it has been graceful. I do think it is getting better.

I have another couple of months in my water year before I transition completely to earth. Its looking like those will be all about recovery. A broken ankle takes quite a bit of sit and recover. I start rehab next week. I know my ROM is getting better and the swelling is going down. I go see the ortho again next Monday and I get to tell him that the boot is too big now. Its almost too big to be effective except it still gives some support. I will see what he says. Tuesday is the first PT appt where I get assessed and I will find out what recovery looks like on that front. Daunting is the word.

It is daunting partly because the Honey is leaving Sunday for Paris. Gone for a week. I have no idea how things will turn out that week trying to get by on my own. One day at a time I guess. I do wish I had a remote to unlock the door so people would have an easier time visiting.

Business is completely on hold. Can't work. :-/ Not thrilled about it but I don't have much choice.

I did manage to travel quite a bit this year. I added Phoenix, Baltimore, and Key West to my list of places I have been.

Expressions of care and love have come from some unexpected places. I got a personal phone call rather than a mass message to notify me of something that is likely to change things radically is certain parts of my life. I got a gift mailed to me simply to lift my face into a smile. People I rarely see in person reached out to hold me exactly as I am and tell me that the reason I was worried they would be upset is one of the reasons they love me so much.

There have been plenty of reasons to feel down about this year. However, in the past month I have discovered I can't be depressed on narcotics. I am a much more functional human being when I continue to strive for the good, focus on the positive influences, and express gratitude regularly.

Thank you for being here to witness. And thank 2013 for being over. Viva 2014!
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Today I have consumed calories twice, had caffeine, seen my chiro, fed the cats, and paid bills. I am contemplating having a nap before starting packing. My heart feels like it is doing strange things in the rhythm/bp category. Not sure what that is about. I am sure Nell would tell me to be careful cause some of those things can kill you.

Dealing with the aftermath of being glutened at the baseball game the other night. Still bloated and feeling foggy.

Can't manage to stay asleep lately. Its more than a little irritating. I am hoping the nap will help clear things.

I have taken to warning people when I am foggy that, "I am not wording well today." I have also noticed that when I stumble midconversation I will say something like, "...and words." I am grateful that I am surrounded by people who can help me not be stressed by this rather than those who make the situation more stressful. <3

Tomorrow I start a vacation wherein I should be able to chill out and recharge. Last time I planned this my cat died. I am pretty sure that one doesn't count. The universe is now on notice. I need a break. I will pick things up again *after* I get home.
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I never gave birth to a human. I never will. In the past month I have been in labor pains to birth a space of wellness, my cat passed from this world, planning for B*FG began in earnest, my closing ritual happened, planning for two other major rites of passage for me kicked up, completed Cranio 1 in the process of becoming certified, and I completed a memorial walk raising $295 for the Animal Humane Society in honor of Kitty Cat.

I can't really fathom being more busy and "on" all the time without needing to be institutionalized. My hand is letting me know that it is objecting to the amount of activity it is being used for. Trying to eat better and make sure I get enough sleep. Doing what I can to take care of myself.

I finally got to sob all night about Kitty Cat. Feeling more at peace after the Walk for Animals. The Honey was home during the day and noticed how empty it feels here. I laughed in his face and he realized I had to deal with being alone in the house for a week while he was busy in Denver. I have Never lived alone. I have always had my girl at least. I think he is ready to find other animals to have around. I'm not sure about me.

Torby is officially M's cat. She is much happier over there. We want to get her a check up and current on her shots but...yeah. She's not a young thing anymore either. 12 I think. Still feisty tho.

Things are falling through the cracks, getting forgotten, picked up again, and trying to move forward in faith that things will get done as they may. I need a pamper type of activity soon. My hair is too dark, maybe I can get it lightened as a way to lighten my frame of mind.


Apr. 30th, 2013 08:11 pm
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We received Kitty Cat's ashes and paw print. It makes me want to sob. I don't have the time. That also makes me want to sob. I know I am making the future I want to move into and the one that I am called to in this plane. I am deeply saddened that she will not be here to support me and hear all about it.


Apr. 22nd, 2013 09:14 am
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-most of the time I don't bitch about the snow. Its been a bit too long this year though. I am grateful the sun is shining today.

-last night I had a ritual for the ending of my physical fertility surrounded by others who have chosen to end their ability to create a baby. Its been 6 months. My digestion is getting back to more normal for me. It remains to be seen if I will be able to eat gluten with no symptoms but they are definitely lessened to the point where I don't have to be scared of food if I take the enzymes. New phrase, "seedless grapes club" made me laugh and laugh. I am grateful that I can feel beautiful today even knowing I need to lose the 20lbs I gained post surgery.

-renovations are going well for Be Wellness. Faster than we expected wholly due to Dan Hunt Carpentry donating time and expertise. Our short term home is coming together. We are still looking into the future to manifest our long term home while being present in making this one everything we need it to be for now.

-I am grateful for people who can take things off of my hands that I have no business trying to accomplish myself. Rill has taken Kitty Cat's fur and will spin it into beauty. Mim has taken some dresses and sew them into fitting right for several purposes. Someone else will carry the sheet rock we didn't need out of the office and return it(carrying it up the stairs the first time was a bad bad plan). And many others. How to delegate, learn it.
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Kitty Cat passed over this past weekend. There are a lot of feelings that need to be processed but I don't have the words at hand and I don't have the time to find them.
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I feels like forever since I have written here rather than a couple of weeks. The news being simple, nobody died. I always feel like that is a positive thing when traveling to KC for the holidays. Business has been busy though it has slowed this week. I have shit to do and no desire to motivate to do it. I did get painting started at the office.

Bringing up difficult subjects right before bed is not a good idea with me. I should have been asleep hours ago but for an email I didn't want to have to deal with that wasn't even sent to me. I'm doing alright after reading fluff for two and a half hours. Fluff is important in this house. Helps me gain a bit of time and perspective. :)

The test for celiac came back negative. I'm still off of gluten for now considering how terrible I felt for the time I had to eat it for the blood test. Yuck. I am finding that I like exploring with food. I really do like cooking. The improvising with ingredients on-hand is a hoot.

Can't really cook for Shirtless. He dislikes anything with flavor. He has liked the things I have cooked for him. Eh. Rare protein and some inoffensive vegetable or fruit seems to make him happy. I can do that but its not much of a challenge.

I've decided I want to travel more this year. I think I can manage it fairly easily with what is planned at this point. Arizona for spring training, Baltimore for NADWcon, Ft Lauderdale for the wedding, southern MO for a float trip(I hope). I wouldn't mind driving over to Madison to see Mr Bee.

Life is doing its thing. I will be glad when the sun gets a better foothold. I've really felt the cold this year. The girl is hanging on living on stubborn. The Honey will likely be traveling more. I love what I do.

Happy January.
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We went to the kittypractor today and got a blood pressure check. He asked a bunch of questions about her quality of life and how she moves. He is satisfied that she is stable and doesn't need to have meds adjusted. Her heart murmur didn't get worse and is pretty slow. He addressed my concerns about her health and said that the most likely thing to watch for in her condition was for her to have another stroke at which point she won't be able to keep being independent. I figure I can manage to keep up with her if she is willing to stick around.

I see people looking at her with pity when they come over. Like I am cruel to keep her around. She isn't in pain, she refuses help, she requires us to allow her to be independent, and she gets around just fine if a bit slowly.

The food finicky is apparently a well documented thing in older cats. So long as she is eating her dry food and drinking water there is nothing to worry about. She did lose another ounce but he wasn't worried about an amount that was so small, "That could just be that she had a bowel movement this morning."

Overall she's doing about as well as she can be given the health issues she has.
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I dreamt last night that the time had come and we had to put Kitty Cat to sleep. I was ready but I had to convince the Honey. I'm not really sure how to express my feelings on this dream. Not upset really, just strange.

Surgery scheduled for November 6th. That is pretty much what has been filling up my mind lately. My body is still dealing with the symptoms that has made this a necessary course of action. That feels like it is reducing the amount of space my brain is capable of filling. Pre-op physical is on Thursday.

Allergies. Dear god allergies. It should be freezing and snowing already dammit. My head is killing me, I'm sneezing like crazy, drainage so bad my throat is sore...

Trying to make sure I have taken care of my clients prior to going offline for 3 weeks.

Looking forward to a couple of parties before surgery day. I bought new lipstick(Bite brand, Scarlet color) and eyeliner. I also have fangs. :D
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or how the last few years have changed me.

I mentioned to EE that I never used to fantasize about beating someone bloody. I have changed radically over the last few years and she said she has watched it happening. I wonder if I shouldn't get myself into a quarterstaff class or something. I'm always thinking about doing violence with a baseball bat. Seems to make sense. It is rarely fantasizing about doing violence to anyone in particular anymore. I'm glad that has eased off. Less people in my life to need violence is a good thing.

This is completely aside from the snap reactions of violence when someone surprises me. I'm becoming more at peace with that as I realize that if I hadn't accidentally hurt him I wouldn't feel bad at all and if someone had meant to do me harm then the reaction I had is completely warranted. The ego part of me wishes I could go get the surveillance vids and watch it cause I know it was pretty. Shift, drop, pivot, roundhouse, impact. Nice.

This evening the Honey and I had an honest discussion of where we thought Kitty Cat was at and if we need to talk to the vet about putting her to sleep. I am now emotionally drained and feel like beating something. I just feel so helpless. I have no idea how to make sure I am making the right decision or if I am letting my own desires get in the way of what is best for her. I've never been through this before. As far as I know none of the animals we have had in my life have died while in my possession. We left them all.
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Valkyrie died last night. She had diabetes and had been losing weight for a while. Sudden downturn yesterday and didn't wake this morning. My heart hurts for my wife.

It has really made me take a look at my girl. She is older than Val. She has been dealing with ailing health for over two years now. The days have passed when I *had* to check and see if she was still breathing multiple different times. I do wonder if I ought to let her go, if I am doing a disservice to her by keeping her here. *sigh* I don't know the answer to that question any more than I know why she sticks around. Stubborn I guess. She lives to curl up and nap in her warm spots. Its getting colder now. She doesn't deal well with the cold. I wonder each day how much longer she will be with me. My heart hurts for my wife and I know I will be in the same place soon.

It took me 5.5 years of dealing and coping and processing to get one of my best friends ever back into my life. It took 4 years to get to a solid place with the man I used to call PIC.

Working out more. Trying to get in better shape. Thinking of coloring my hair now so that it will have faded out for TeslaCon. Remembering that this is the time of year when I want to shave my head. Also remembering that I always get over this feeling and I'm always happy I don't have my head bare right before winter starts. I want to get a hair cut but really don't want to lose length before TeslaCon. Damn Victorian hairstyles...

Ministry 2.0 helping people get in touch with their inner beauty. I am going to MOA on Sunday with Shirtless' ...girlfriend? I have no idea how they define their relationship. Don't really care as their definition has little bearing on me. Still, last month she was face planting in my cleavage, like ya do, and bemoaned the fact that hers are not like mine. I told her she needed better bras. And so we are going bra shopping. How did I get hooked into going bra shopping with a metamour? Excellent question but it is a pattern for me to be really good friends with them and sometimes maintain that friendship long past the ending of the other connection. I went to Greece with Wisteria after all.

Wow, sidetracked much? I think the ministry part comes in where I enjoy helping people uncover the beauty they have but cannot see yet. It doesn't always work. There are people who are so down on themselves that all they see is flaws. It does work often enough that I am willing to continue offering it as a service because I can see the increased appreciation of self on their faces and that is a thing of beauty all on its own.

My body continues to be a challenge. I went to ceili last night and got through two dances. Cramps started immediately and didn't stop until 2am. Its interesting intellectually because they feel different than they ever have before. Much more like stabbing in my abdomen. Gotta say, I'm not a fan.

Standing up and being who I want to be for my community is important to me. Defining what my community is is necessary to this. Knowing that setting good boundaries on what, when, and how I will give what I can give without causing harm to myself is an essential tool. Needing to get past the feeling that I should be apologizing for other's splash zones. Center. Balance. Ground. Calm.

I wonder if I can go for a good long bike ride now and still do Yoga X later... think I'm gonna give it a try. *edit, or maybe I will get in my car and drive over to my dr's offices and sign a records release form*
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Thinking about my trip to Portland next week and getting super excited. Trying to think about things I want to take with me. I need to go to Cacao. The ice cream shop wouldn't suck but my priority is the Kapow bar. The wife y'know. She needs one.

I just replied to a hard email. I'm doing ok though.

I travel a lot. My desire to travel keeps me from doing some other things that I would like to do. I have accepted this as consequence of having to choose. Life may change one day but for now, I love seeing the world and the people that fill it.

I'm exhausted. Kitty Cat did not let me sleep well last night. She cannot curl up on my chest to sleep anymore. She has been sleeping under the covers next to the Honey. The Honey is in CO. This makes doing that not possible. Apparently I am not able to cuddle in the same way, I think this is because I am not as warm as he is. The new doc put her on a new med called gabapentin. Kinda wishing I could go on it myself. Its been good for her.

Still blissfully overflowing from the weekend. Needing to unpack and wash things so I can repack and leave next week.

Be love.
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12:18 at the start of this post. I was exhausted and trying not to fall asleep at the table after dinner. Now I am wide awake. Might be the energy of the storm. It has calmed down now though. Just raining at this point. I hope the things I planted are enjoying it.

The rosemary shrub wants to go outside. I think it will probably be ok at this point. I am a little scared for it though. Have to get the Honey to cart it down the steps.

Two years ago I was trying to figure out how to recover from the worst car accident I have ever been in. The 26th passed without note for which I am grateful. Last year the Honey threatened to keep me in all day or wrap me in bubblewrap. Which he did to make me laugh because he knows that there is no way I would let him do something like that to me. It worked. I laughed. He told me to be careful. I did. All was well. This year I am doing better than I have in a long time. I can work, still less hours than I ought to be able to but I am doing well for myself and I feel like I am doing what I *need* to be doing.

People upon hearing that I was in two car accidents in 10 months will often say things like, "I'm never getting in the car with you," as though MVAs are a disease you can catch. It doesn't seem to matter that I wasn't even driving in the second one or that there was no way I could prevent the first as I wasn't at fault. People are superstitious. Its a little sad and it makes me chuckle on occasion.

Over the weekend I dreamed I was visiting a "renfaire" that I have dreamed about several times before. The people who were there or going with me changed but I remember the scenery. Tomcat's girlfriend for one. Why I would be dreaming about her I do not know. She is super sweet though. They might yet make it. I hope so.

The ice cream I tried to make before...something went wrong in the making of it. I'm not sure if the milk was on the verge of turning when I cooked it or if the cooking it did something strange but it is not right. It doesn't taste poisonous, just weird and tangy. Tangy ice cream is not so much what I was going for. I do wonder if it was the raw milk or if it was something I did. I've never cooked an ice cream, custard, or raw milk before. Lossa variables there.

It shedding season. The girl cannot effectively groom herself any longer though she still tries. This means I have to brush her and dear god she hates that. We need to make it a habit like giving her her pills. I have been avoiding it because she does hate it and it seems to hurt. She's getting mats though and that is worse for her than the brushing would be. She got used to taking pills. If I brush her a little bit regularly she might eventually be sorta ok with it. Right?

Time to find some extra motivation somewhere. I can do this.
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The Girl is still alive. I find it odd that I can honestly answer people with this when they ask me how she is doing. She's a cranky old lady and she's earned it. She has so much more grace than I. I learn so much from her.

I have business checks. I had no idea that something so simple showing up in the mail would be such an ecstatic experience. Day by day I am making this life work for me. I am grateful.

I have tickets to see Jason Mraz with EE in Sept. I am planning a dinner prior to the concert. Likely downtown, vegetarian friendly, and drinks available. If you are going to the concert, or even if you are not, and want to join us lemme know.

Body is doing ok today. [personal profile] akrissy rightly reminded me that I ought to go get an acupuncture treatment. Did that this morning and I am mentally clearer than I have been in weeks. Not been doing my workouts cause of pain levels. I have been able to work and I give thanks for that.

A couple of days ago I made progress on the blue accent paint that is going on the white columns out on the front porch of my big blue house. The Honey wanted to know when I was going to get the paint on the the tooth shaped details. I glared at him. :) In theory the teeth painting should be easier because I am not having to support myself with an arm or leg and paint with my off arm something that requires immense attention to detail. I am now a Frogtape convert though. Oh god that stuff rocks.

I need to set aside some time to rack the Freya's Gold. I had no expectation that it would clear like it has. I thought it was done fermenting but the weather warmed up and the bubbler started blurping again. I'm in no rush.

Beltane this weekend. Looking like family and fellowship is on the menu. I am grateful for that as well. That and the impetus to clean up my house some. :D

On the fluff TV front, Lost Girl may have lost me as a dedicated viewer. I don't really want reality in my fluff tv. I understand the choice made and can even agree with the necessity. However, that also means that it hit a little too close to home. I don't like being faced with things in my entertainment that look too much like sacrifices I have had to make in myself. :P *see fluff*

Trying to figure out the balance between myself and the Honey. He is so much more independent than I am. Yes, that is saying something. Planning things to do, getting out of the house together, expressing my needs, and trying not to be the thing than prevents him from meeting his own needs. To say it is a delicate balancing act is putting it mildly. Deep breaths and honest communication. 17 years.

I need to decide what I am doing for Labor Day weekend. A big factor in that is what can I afford to do? What I want to do is pulled in multiple different directions.

I am hoping that I have a strong enough foundation at this point that I can reach out and help others safely. Time will tell.
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So...I have this cat. I think most people that read this know. I certainly do.

Last week she had a Wellness exam as described a couple of entries back. Today I got the results of all the tests they did in case *something* might be wrong and contributing to the overall health issues my cat is experiencing.

Overall health issues have never been defined particularly well. She's been off "normal" for a year and a half, she's now blind, and mostly refuses to eat unless the wind blows just right(I kid). BP is nicely under control with the Amplodipine but we still don't know why she has spasms when she sleeps or how she could have magically developed the REM sleep disorder that those symptoms indicate. Back when all this started it was an added stressor that all the blood work kept coming back normal and healthy. My cat is not normal and healthy, she can't frakking walk!!! I digress.

Today we get the results from the tests. *ALL* of them come back within normal ranges, healthy markers, the vet had to go look at her age again because she has would be healthy for a cat 5 years her junior...

So she can't walk right, she can't see, she falls over when she tries to groom herself and will likely out live us all because she's healthier than most people are! Stubborn little shit.

Right now she is curled up on my shoulder because I stationed myself to bask in the sun. If she is on me then she is the one basking. :) I can't really find it in me to complain.
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Mostly for my records but people do keep asking so here you go.

Blood pressure that three weeks ago was 225/150 is down to 147/105. Very reasonable and since we have worked out how to give her bp meds without making the problem worse I think we will stick with this until something changes again. I have a script for a three month supply of her bp meds now with an order to recheck then.

I looked at the space they have available for boarding and I am not going to do that to her. I need to find another space that is more comfortable for her and has the ability to help her with her medical conditions. Not sure if I can travel safely with her anymore. I don't want to increase the stress on her. The Honey has suggested finding a place and boarding her for a day and a half or so while we are in town to see how she takes it. Good idea. He is so smart.

Doc showed me a different type of comb that would be less bothersome for the girl. She has gotten to the point where grooming parts of herself is just not possible cause she falls over. The Furminator we have is too rough. Having ideas on how to help without hurting her is nice.

She has a heart murmur that is steadily getting worse over time. We don't know if the bp caused the heart murmur, the heart murmur cause the bp, if the stroke caused everything, vice versa, or if they are all unrelated concurrent problems. *urg* Ultrasound of her heart has been recommended if the blood panel doesn't come back with something definitive. *more urg*

They pulled blood and urine samples. Doc is worried about kidney problems and heart disease given her age and health concerns. The UofM ran a full battery of tests so we have a value to compare it to from 1.5 years ago which will be helpful.

Doc has no idea why the bp meds would make the REM sleep problem worse. She and I both think that it ought to make it better. Doc agrees that she is still very much alive and fighting for her right to stay here for a while longer. Kitten impressed the Doc with her vitality and spunk given all she has been through.

Starting the girl of Mirelax(sp?) twice a day for her digestive system, stepping down to once a day when that starts working. Doc and I are on the same page about not traumatizing her with a lot of tests that would only give us information and no real treatment options. I don't want her to have to be constantly pumped full of drugs to be here and functional. That said, lots of people live long happy lives on bp meds and anti-inflammatories. I am ok with this.

She gained weight, up to 5.25 lbs now. Ever so slightly bigger than a sack of flour. Still down from last summer but she is eating so much more now that we have changed her food that it has been steadily going up and her mood has shifted radically in the past couple of months. Natural Balance for the wet food and Royal Canin for the dry in case you care.

I am impressed with my girl. She has been through a lot in the past year and a half. She has gotten used to going to the vets office and no longer cowers in the corner. Even not being able to see anything she was exploring the room and went up to the doctor to check her out. Right now she is in the kitchen having a bite to eat and things are going well. I don't think I realistically could have come away from the appointment feeling better.

16.5 years old is something of a feat for an animal her size. When we tried to accommodate her by putting water down on the floor for her she completely ignored it. She knew where her water was and it wasn't on the floor. She hopped up onto the loveseat, toddled across to the arm, and over the arm to the end table where *her* water is. Stubborn little snot.
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I have accomplished little. I came home because I forgot a couple of things I need to have to work this eve. I decided not to go to the gym this afternoon cause I needed to touch up the painting I did yesterday and Kitty Cat needed some outside time. I am not finished with the painting yet but what I have done looks better than it did.

I keep forgetting to take my water bottle with me when I leave. This is not good given that I need to be drinking more water. Historically I have made this easier by having water bottles everywhere. Not sure that is the best approach but I may go back to it anyway. Convenience is close to compliance afterall.

catching up

Sep. 9th, 2011 11:46 am
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radio silence for a while due to travel and busy.

The weekend was lovely. Weather was absolutely what I could have asked for, that being amazing, sunny and cool on the days where I was going to be outside. The other days don't count cause I didn't have to be outside if I didn't wanna.

Car travel is what it is. Unfortunately I had 5 days in a row where I was traveling a minimum of 2 hours each day. Even the most comfortable of cars get stifling after that long. I need a camper. :D

Kitty Cat traveled well as usual. At her appointment yesterday we discovered that she has lost 2.5 oz and really she doesn't have it to lose. She continues to be an independent little shit so I refuse to worry about her. She eats when she is hungry and I will do what I can to increase the caloric value of what she does eat. Bon!

I had conversations this weekend that fleshed out why I can say I am possessive. I have always said that I share well and I do. What I discovered is that when I say something is mine I give it power over me. There are not a whole lot of things that get that ability. Mostly kids really. My cat. Etc...

Floating is fun but it requires you to let go and trust that something else will hold you up in spite of the fact that you know you can sink.

Day one of muscle building yesterday. Having to remember not to push too hard because while I have the ability to do something doesn't mean I won't regret doing it later. Slow and steady.

My second is today. I have the Honey's fuzzy butt cat curled up next to me dreaming. I have errands to run. I feel like I'm always a step behind where I should be but I think that is a function of the list being so long.

Sunday we go apple picking. I'm looking forward to getting out in the trees and smelling the life around me. Considering asking a friend if he will let me plant a few trees on his property. Maybe a bee hive or two as well. We shall see how things turn out.
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mostly cause its dark outside and its dark inside and the Honey needs to be able to stay asleep even if I can't.

Went to a birthday party at GB Leighton's Pickle Park this evening for J. Most of the crew from the Seamstress' Guild that I have gotten to know at cons were there. I like getting to know them better.

Listened to a song that [personal profile] dawningday posted for his nephew and started thinking about my niece and nephew that I cannot know. Thinking about the Honey's niece and nephews who are in such a hard place right now and will continue to be. Thinking about R and everything that entails. I was crying too. Thank you dear for sharing.
cut for rambling in the night )
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Actually I'm really looking forward to my weekend. There are drawbacks. The Honey leaves for a week in Denver before I get back on Monday evening. Luckily I have support systems in place and I'm in a much better place than I have been. The other worry is that I'm barely keeping afloat with my allergies here. Historically August in MO wasn't a terribly bad time for my allergies but this year has been so screwy I'm not gonna hold my breath. I've been on the 24 loratadine since Sunday eve and I got acupuncture yesterday. Its been much better since then.

I get to see my wife, spend some time with S, spend several days at my boys' house and hopefully do lots of swimming. I am taking my girl with me. I really like that I can take her with me to KC. I worry less. I kinda wish I could bring Torby on this trip as S seems to really like her company and both cats are unhappy with all the chaos goings on about the house.

The painters have arrived. Came in Monday morning. Started scraping and sanding and chainsawing and generally making a lot of noise. They should be able to start putting color up on Friday. *squeee* Hyper Blue here I come. Pics of the finished product will likely be put up somewhere. I will try to remember to provide a link.

Getting more and more excited about visiting Portland. Sock Dreams. The OCEAN. Oh and that pesky conference I have to go to. *chuckle* It should be a good time as well. :)

The Honey as turned on the tv and is watching the monologues again...

I managed to start a proselytizing session on facebook last night that carried on into today. There is now a group of people praying for me because I dared stand up for people's right to worship or not worship as they saw fit. Reminds me of when I got kicked out of the Southern Baptist church. :) They really don't like it when people do that. Ah well, live and learn. I will msg the person who's wall it was on and apologize cause he was not a part of it. I will probably also ask him if that sort of thing was something his faith and worship supports and if so I will just unfriend him. Cause I sure as hell don't need that.


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