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Because I vomited all over a friend's facebook post that was asking for recommendations:

KC style Q is sauce heavy. The rub takes a back seat to the sauce, sometimes being used as a wet rub while smoking but not always. The style of sauce varies significantly though I am not aware of any that don't have a tomato base.

Bryant's sauce has no sugar or molasses in it but is chock full of spices. The joke my dad used to tell was that if your nose wasn't running you didn't have enough sauce. It reminds me quite a bit of the Ethiopian dish berbere.

Jack Stack's sauce is more sweet. They have several different sauces with varying heat to them. I like them because they don't use black pepper as the only way to achieve "heat" in their sauce. It has a lot of flavor to balance out the sweet.

Joe's probably does the best pulled pork in town but their overall presentation leaves something to be desired. The sauce is good but nothing to write home about IMO. The sides are totally what you would expect of a place that started in a gas station. If your goal is pulled pork, definitely go here. Be prepared to wait in REALLY long lines.

Q39 is newish on the scene and has a bit of a hipster vibe. Kinda reminds me of the Butcher and Boar downtown here, only more economical than that. Their sauce is on point. Their meat offerings are really good. Sides vary by season and I have never had a complaint. I seem to remember that they have a good bourbon selection.

Gate's is one that no one has mentioned yet. I don't like them because they are one of the ones that use black pepper as their main spice component and I find it overwhelming yet it doesn't balance out the amount of molasses they use. My dad used to say they have better quality meats to start with than Bryant's but I feel that has changed over the past decade.
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I went to KC(which in case anyone was wondering is actually in Missouri) for a long weekend. The worst head and neck pain I have experienced in a long while accompanied me. In spite of this I had a lovely time. Doubt I will stay with the kids again. Call me spoiled but I like having space that doesn't smell like cat pee or mean sleeping on a couch. *snerk* Course that's pretty much what people get if they come here at the moment. Not too much longer though.

Did not get to have Imo's, the bastards were closed unexpectedly, "Sorry for any inconvenience" it said. Did I mention bastards?

Business and office things continue to do what they are supposed to do. The Grand Opening Open House is this Saturday. Hoping plenty of people show up. Need to send out a couple more emails I think.

The Honey is in Denver. He asked me last night how I felt about Sweden in winter given my stated distaste for Norway in Winter. *headdesk* He apparently put in for an assessment team for northern Europe and that would happen in Sweden, short term stuff like Paris was. I told him if I wasn't staying with a chain smoker the experience would likely be much more pleasant for me.

Aixios(eks-wah) is a French place in KC down in Brookside. They had pretty damn decent food. Service wasn't stellar but it wasn't anything to complain about. Upon leaving I found that I was in exactly that place a year ago. The church across the street was where we all met up after Kevin's funeral. I was literally stunned.

I think fondue is not my favorite. It was described as a way where everyone participating could be a part of preparing the meal. I experience that in many other ways and thus it seems to not impact me as much. Possibly also because the enjoyment of eating things is a very personal intimate thing I do with myself. Yes I like eating with others but ... I dunno. Its hard to put into words. Maybe I have trouble really enjoying something I know I can easily do at home in greater quantity for less.

I listened to The Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke on the way down and back. Lovely little story. I think I prefer her one off works to her series work. Some of her stuff is really hard and gritty in feel. I guess I run hot and cold with her. I have another one of hers that I've been "reading" that I'm only halfway thru and that doesn't bother me. Most of the way thru Inkheart too and I just don't care to finish right now. meh

Swimming was had. I have tan lines for the first time in a while. Much sun exposure felt really good.

I visited the Nelson for the first time since they opened the new wing. Didn't go in. I'm a bit of a anti-fan of modern art. In conversing about this I discovered the reason I prefer photography and sculpture as art forms. I find awe in nature not in the work of mastery for humans. S says he sees the years of work that went into learning a skill and I prefer to have no presence of the artist whatsoever because they did such an amazing job of representing real life. My Dad described to me learning another language and how many compliments you get when you get really good but you know you have made it when you stop getting compliments. Its kinda like that. Step out of the way and let the subject shine. For me anyhow.

Reminds me of how I was taught to write, don't tell them, show them. Don't describe a thing, let them experience it. Harder than it sounds and it doesn't sound easy.


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