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The Hill of the Muses(or nymphs depending on the source you check). Its across from the Acropolis.
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Napflion and Hera's bath. This might have been my favorite day. I felt rejuvenated and alive. It was rather awesome.

For those playing along at home we skipped day 9 due to no real pics taken. We traveled and crashed.

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I woke really early this morning and went for a walk around the island. Then we went to the beach.
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Finally started work on this again. I don't have the info for the pics all added but I figure going through and figuring out which ones I want to publish to the web is a start.

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Greece day 1. We didn't do a whole lot. After flying for a ridiculous amount of time we paid a stupid amount of Euros for a taxi to our hotel and crashed for hours. If you ever get the chance to stay at a Hilton, do so. Not really sure its worth the price cause yeah, but nice.

After we woke we opened the curtains and saw the amazing view off our balcony. After taking several pictures and soaking in the sunset we went to dinner. I don't remember what I ordered for dinner, probably lamb. What I do remember is the spreadable cheese they served with the bread. Wow.

Our travel companion wasn't supposed to arrive til 2am so we decided to rearrange the trip schedule a bit and put Athens at the beginning rather than try to make it to the port by 6am. Then, we slept some more.

Pics that are decent enough to look at: http://gallery.me.com/hypatia42#100039
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Wow. I don't even know what to say here right now. General update-ness I suppose.

This past week I started a job that I should be able to keep through school. I'm kinda hoping I'm not going to have to get two. I have proved to the mrg that I can hold my own in verbal sparring contests. I doubt I'd ever win one with a pro but I can hold my own and score points with an average player. Working at a wine and spirits store has some advantages. Serious discounts being among them. The fact that this wine store is in the Mall? Mall discounts too. Sweet.

Learning lots about wine. Thats nice. Learning how many people who work at the Mall are constantly buzzed. Not so nice. We do have some pretty nice stock. I got three bottles of wine that I was supposed to try, evaluate and see if I could remember what kind of grape they were made of all the way to my next shift. That'd be tomorrow. I've tried one of them. An old vine red Zinfandel called Plungerhead. I didn't like it. But I do remember characteristics of it that I could share with other people if they are wanting to know about it or red zins in general. The other two are still uncorked. Have to change that soon. Hehe, I get homework that involves drinking. Whats your job? Oh wait, you probably get paid more than me.

My fingernails are berry blue. I may go out with a bang here. Not going to be able to have even short nails soon. I shortened them pretty significantly not long ago. There are a few people close to me who will simultaneously miss my claws and likely heave a huge sigh of relief. Still, I'm looking forward to starting school.

Filling out paperwork today. I don't remember doing some of this last time around. Like, I don't remember having to chose my lender. Other bits are very familiar. I swear gov't forms rarely change content. People at the school are being very helpful in this tedious process of navigating dried woodpulp.

Elevated pain levels in the past week or so. WTF? I don't know. Lots and lots of things effect pain levels. I've not been managing something properly.

Wandered around the Upton Art Fair with PIC this weekend after a lovely steak and eggs breakfast at the Herkimer. Saw lots of beautiful things. I was moved to tears a couple of times. By what you ask? Pictures of the ocean. Duh. Photography is amazing. I want to go to Greece. I want to see Santorini, the city, the bluffs, the bay, everything. I want to swim in the Mediterranean Sea. I want to visit the islands and the sacred sites. Did I mention I cried at the pictures of the ocean?


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