Apr. 22nd, 2013 09:14 am
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-most of the time I don't bitch about the snow. Its been a bit too long this year though. I am grateful the sun is shining today.

-last night I had a ritual for the ending of my physical fertility surrounded by others who have chosen to end their ability to create a baby. Its been 6 months. My digestion is getting back to more normal for me. It remains to be seen if I will be able to eat gluten with no symptoms but they are definitely lessened to the point where I don't have to be scared of food if I take the enzymes. New phrase, "seedless grapes club" made me laugh and laugh. I am grateful that I can feel beautiful today even knowing I need to lose the 20lbs I gained post surgery.

-renovations are going well for Be Wellness. Faster than we expected wholly due to Dan Hunt Carpentry donating time and expertise. Our short term home is coming together. We are still looking into the future to manifest our long term home while being present in making this one everything we need it to be for now.

-I am grateful for people who can take things off of my hands that I have no business trying to accomplish myself. Rill has taken Kitty Cat's fur and will spin it into beauty. Mim has taken some dresses and sew them into fitting right for several purposes. Someone else will carry the sheet rock we didn't need out of the office and return it(carrying it up the stairs the first time was a bad bad plan). And many others. How to delegate, learn it.
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I love it when my little group comes together and MAKES SHIT HAPPEN. I love that we excel at helping people, groups, spaces, etc. to grow and get where they need to be.

I give thanks for the people that surround me, that they support me in establishing and maintaining healthy limits for myself and that they are willing to accept that same support in return.

I give thanks for the love outpouring that we share.

I give thanks for the fellowship that allows all of our best attributes to come to the fore and be utilized.

I give thanks that I am encouraged to continue on my path of growth and development surrounded by others who have differing strengths that I may learn of them and my weaknesses become less so.

I give thanks to all those that we are connected to that support everything above.

Heroes exist. We are those heroes. :)
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I have been given a gift. A friend contacted me yesterday to say that she had surrounded herself with luxury and self care and thought of me. I really like that when people take care of themselves and really lavish themselves with the treatment they deserve they think of me. Not that I gave that ot them but the act of doing those things are things they associate with me. This is more awesome than words. Adore yourselves regularly people.

I no longer feel any need or desire to convince anyone that they are worthy of being with me or near me. In short, if you don't already believe you are worthy then you aren't. I've spent a lot of my life listening to people do the self deprecation thing and trying to show them how wrong they are. That they aren't hated or ulgy or not worth the air they are breathing or or or... I'm not saying you are bad for doing this if you do it. I'm saying I release myself from any obligation to do so. I want people around me who are independent adults.

Related to that last statement, I have no desire to be connected to anyone I could call boy or girl for that matter. I don't just want physically mature people in my life. I want emotionally mature grownups that own their shit and don't need to fix me to feel like a worthy human being. I think I've made it clear that I am adamantly against co-dependency in my life. Avoiding this means drawing adults to me.

I need to type out my personal disclaimer statement and put it in here too.


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