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Same song, different verse.

The Honey's aunt had breast cancer years ago. Today we all found out that it is back. This woman is the reason I have the life I currently live. I never would have met the Honey without her.

I guess I'm not as shaken by this as I was about my mom. There's the part of my head that knows that time is a construct and I should be able to let this go but damnmit I want to be able to get through one crisis and be done with it for a bit before the next one hits. Life doesn't happen that way. Still wanna whine.

The Honey and I are scheduled to go on vacation in May. It will be good. It will be enough.*deep breath* We can face anything together.


Aug. 18th, 2015 11:14 pm
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Sad but true cause. My mom probably has breast cancer because she has been on estrogen and progesterone replacement therapy for a long time. *side thought on how many trans people on HRT have health issues because of it?*

Hers is an estrogen dependent kind which means she has to be on estrogen inhibitors for at least the next 5 years. Prognosis for this type of breast cancer is very good. It is slow moving and the incidence of recurrence is minimal.

Sometime today or tomorrow she will be having a bunch of diagnostics to see of there is lymph system involvement which apparently is the deciding factor for chemo. Radiation will be utilized for killing off any remaining cells post surgical removal. The imaging tests this week will let the surgeon know how much needs to be removed. As of the last imaging the masses were a half inch and and inch in size.

My non-medical look at that would be that they shouldn't have to do a double mastectomy though that is what she is mentally preparing herself to hear.

In other news, some doctor told her at some point that she shouldn't get tattoos because it will scar and look terrible. I feel about that near the same as I do about allopathic doctors telling people that they should never go to a chiropractor. FUCK THAT! My old medical doctor told me, "professionally I'm not supposed to approve of these but personally this is very good work." I think if she went to someone who was good at that sort of work she wouldn't have problems. All of her kids have tattoos now. NBD

Her oncologist told her that she will have scars. She told that doctor that scars don't scare her. She has been living with them her whole life. I wish my mom could go volunteer with one of those camps supporting kids who have scars. I know they exist.

Find you fight mom. You got this.
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10 hours after getting home from [personal profile] onyxtwilight's grand sending off like a king of old my mom texted me to let me know that she has cancerous masses in both breasts. Nope. No more adulting was done that day.

I have very little information. My mom is rather intelligent about many things but she is not very educated about medical things. I hope she is able to take people with her to appointments who can translate over the next few weeks.


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