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Birthdate:Oct 11
Location:Minnesota, United States of America
I am a work in progress. Love is who I am, where I am going, and what I aspire to be. I walk thru life with an open heart. To do less is to dishonor the gifts I have been given.

I am a cat. I startle easily, purr and growl, am distract-able by shiny things and string, bite and scratch, dislike being cold and wet, am fond of naps and pettins, am generally more active at night, and am not capable of living on a vegetarian diet. I have recently had to keep the claws clipped but that is a necessary evil that I will put up with.

"Lives will ever get in the way of what I want. I should be used to that but I seem to have this expectation that I should get what I want in the end. I'm not high maintenance, nnooooo." Me, Sept 28th 2004
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