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Gods I wish it was a joke but I came down with the flu on the 1st. *aside* Why do we call it "the flu" but only "influenza"? */aside* I haven't been this sick in a really long time. Possibly the summer I had H1N1 twice with a fever of 105. That has been a while tho. The Urgent Care doc really wanted to send me to the ER, cause asthma and the flu do not play nice, but I didn't quote meet the thresholds that would make him insist so he told me what to watch for and I got to save several thousands of dollars.

The Honey is in Denver this week. Left while I was still in Urgent Care. From the airport he sent a Bite Squad order in for the place I like their egg drop soup. It arrived at my door, my tenant went out to sign for it. He then brought it up and ran so as to avoid Teh Germs. I am taken care of. Right now I am mostly sleeping.

If the recovery time that others I know who have gone through this is indicative of what I have, I will be down for about a week. I am hoping that getting Tamiflu by going in immediately instead of waiting will decrease that some. Better living thru modern chemistry!

I look like death warmed over and I sound like I am trying to breathe thru glasspacks. My weekend could have gone better. How are you?
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